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Mosquito Killer

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So during the summer at my house, we have bbqs and a lot of people leave the door open, sometimes unintentionally, regardless, mosquitoes get in.  Most of the time, no big deal right?

Well, sometimes they make it into my bedroom and they can cause me not to sleep the whole night.

Some of them are extremely intelligent, meaning that they won't bite me unless I'm asleep, otherwise they stay dormant in secluded area of the room where I can't find them with my best efforts.

I have this fly/insect zapper, shapped like a mini tennis racquet that has electricity running through it with a press of a button.  This works wonders when I can actually find the mosquito, can see it properly and can actually catch up to it. (Because they can fly around really quickly) 

However, like I mentioned, some of them will stay dormant until you are actually alseep before attacking you.  Rendering you completely on the weak side because you are already sleeping, by the time you awake to find scratches all over your face, ears and neck (only exposed areas).  So you wander around aimlessly, with your eyes half open and trying to catch something that is hard to see when you are fully awake.

There needs a be a new system devised that can locate and kill them.  I would love it if such a device were designed, built, and brought to market.


I 've seen other systems where they use a combination of methods to lure the mosquitoes to a machine that will eventually trap or kill them, but they need to be used only outdoor and placed preferably far away from you and at edge of wear the wind blows.

Unfortunately, I can' use such a device because my property is so narrow that I don't have sufficient space to use such a device.  Also, like I was explaing above, my biggest concern in indoor termination.


So, I'm just getting to ball rolling as I have no ideas right now.  I'll update if I find more.  Please chime it suggestions or if you are like me and would like a solution.

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Great topic to work on. Knowledge is power, isn't it? What does research say attracts mosquitoes? A smell or light may do the trick. Nature is also full of ideas. Spiders must number in the billions of individuals, thanks mostly to a simple hunting strategy mosquitoes fall for all the time. Which makes me think that, in your care, a simple mosquito net may be the solution.

over 5 years

I hate mosquito. Every time after they bite me, the affected area will leave scars that reminds me forever! My skin does not recover like a normal person. That's why I can't sit outdoor in the summer or I have to spray myself all over my body with those chemical. I wish something in the world can help of not getting attacks from mosquito!

almost 7 years