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Life hacks that you should know

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Have you ever found yourself thinking that there has to be a better way to do something? Well, there usually is. There are tons of little tips and tricks that can make your life much easier. Whether it is saving time, cutting your workload, or just something cool and useful to do.


Some general life hacks that I have found to be useful in my life so far are:


- When filling up the gas tank, hold the handle half way so you get more gas and less air in the tank.

- Eating breakfast in the morning makes it ten times easier to burn calories throughout the day.

- Microwave a Nature Valley bar for 30 seconds to prevent crumbs and a little softer when you eat it.

- Sick of having a box full of tangled cords? Use old toilet rolls to organize them.

- When reading small print on the Internet, use control+scroll to make the zoom bigger.

- Feeling a little down? Simple touching money has been proven to reduce physical and emotional pain!

- When buying food from Mcdonald's remember that most of their salads are more fattening than their burgers.

- Ever have problems with your super glue drying too slow? A small amount of baking soda will make even a large amount set in seconds.

- Be careful when using another persons public Wifi. You can be arrested for this.

- To get a streak free shine on windows, use Newspaper to dry!

- Keep two separate email accounts. Use one of them when signing up for online accounts and advertisements. This will get your main email spam free.

- When you add cream to your coffee it stays warm for a longer amount of time.

- If you cancel your Hulu plus trail before the seven days are up they will give you the next month free!

- If you peel a banana from the bottom, you won't have to pick the little “stringy things” off of it.

- You can tell how much you like someone by how strong the urge to check your phone when you're with them.

- If a man takes a pregnancy test and it comes back positive he may have cancer.

- Eating pizza once a week can actually help reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. Eat your pizza!

- When you feel like you needs something, but can't figure out whe it is, it's water. It's always water!

- The keyboards at your school have statistically more germs than the toilet seats.

- to get wrinkles out of your clothes, throw them in the dryer for 30 minutes with a wet sock. This will get all of them out and leave your clothes feeling nice and soft.


These are some general hacks that I have used in my life. There are literally thousands of them and I'd be here all day typing them! Go find some for yourself and put them to use. You will notice the change and wonder why you never tried these before. 

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