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Joint research within scientific interest of a research team or our topic - Catalog of Human Population.

Large catalog of human population

Special Scientific Info-Analytical Laboratory—Catalog of Human Souls is engaged in developments of the Catalog of Human Population (since 1974) based on decryption of an ancient Far Eastern source that describes 293 subtypes of biological type Homo sapiens. Since this Catalog has a surprisingly wide range of application in any kind of human activity, including business, we have a number of business ideas and projects.

We are interested in joint research (with funding). Research with our participation can take place within the framework of scientific interest of a research team that wants to cooperate with us, as well as within the framework of our topic (creation of the full version of the Catalog of Human Population), including interdisciplinary studies (for example, with experts in natural science: biology, botany, zoology, mineralogy, geomorphology, hydrology, etc.).

For researchers in the field of natural sciences, a separate benefit from participation in developments of the Catalog of Human Population and popularization for the purpose of practical use will be a huge explosion in demand for their scientific research developments (in the broad masses as well). Another benefit will be a huge diapason of new research topics, which investors will be willing to finance due to their immense practical value.

Examples of possible scientific research topics:

PSYCHOLOGY. Development of a fundamentally new system of upbringing children in families based on the discovery of the Catalog of Human Population and the fact that (unlike it is in the world of flora and fauna) children of the biological type Homo sapiens are not “antenna”-like continuations of their parents.

ANTHROPOLOGY. Specificity of functioning of psychophysiological diapason of natural subtype program of Homo sapiens depending on place of birth and residence. Influence of national traditions and mentality on manifestation and realization of individual program of a person as a representative of one of the 293 existing subtypes.

GENETICS. Images (archetypes) of “software” of Homo sapiens from the Catalog of Human Population as the language for effective communication with the human cell. MEDICINE. Practical use of the discovery of the Catalog of Human Population and existence in nature of 293 subtypes of the biological type “human” in transplantation of organs and tissues of the human body.

PHILOSOPHY. Creation of philosophy for each of the 293 subtypes of Homo sapiens with the goal of ability for a qualitative transformation of an individual from a segmental being into a human.

SINOLOGY. Consideration of the ancient Chinese treatise Tao Te Ching as instructions for exploitation of the Catalog of Human Population, discovered during decryption of the ancient Chinese literary monument Shan Hai Jing.

FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY. Difference in quality of personality, life algorithms and functioning of a woman on the basis of artificially created images and her natural (program) images.

If you would like to consider potential collaboration, please contact us.

NOTE: All projects are proposed on the basis of scientific research and discovery of the Catalog of Human Population as a resource, in which 293 subtype structures of the biological type Homo sapiens are described in detail ( Our scientific research laboratory is developing the Catalog of Human Population, which (on the basis of innovative author’s technology) allows identifying contents of the unconscious structure of psyche of any person. We do not claim the status of experts in all of the following fields—in most we act only as generators of ideas and/or consultants. However, since the Catalog of Human Population allows to identify to which one out of 293 subtype structures any Homo sapiens belongs and identify his/her individual structure of psyche in the form of a program implanted from birth at the genetic level—this provides a possibility to apply the Catalog even in those areas, in which we are not experts. The technology of identification to which subtype a person belongs is based on the phenological principle. This is the key to obtaining any kind of information about a person: innate qualities of character and life algorithms, talents and abilities, true motives, goals, objectives, desires, aspirations and “weaknesses,” which people often carefully hide. The Catalog of Human Population describes the structure of psyche (“program”) of a person regardless of race, nationality, gender, etc. In addition, the Catalog contains a toolkit for powerful psychical influence on both separate individuals and huge groups of people. Besides projects listed at, we are also interested in hearing about other collaboration and business ideas based on use of the Catalog of Human Population - please contact us.

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