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  • Health & Fitness
    Counseling based on NonTraditional Psychology

    Psychoanalysis, counseling, psycho-correction, coaching based on a new direction called Non-Traditional Psychology

    Thumb structure of human psyche
  • Entertainment
    Adult Video Production based on Shan Hai Jing

    Peculiarities of the Sexual Factor of 293 human subtypes described in the Catalog of Human Population

    Thumb adultvideoproject
  • Entertainment
    World of Spirits as Reality

    Show (Broadway, Off-Broadway, Las Vegas, etc.)

    Thumb shj12
  • Entertainment
    Series of 100 Films

    Lives of 100 (out of the 293 subtypes) of Homo sapiens based on the Catalog of Human Population

  • Entertainment
    Video Games & Mobile Applications

    Video games/mobile applications (a la Pokémon Go) based on chimerical images from people's natural programs from the Catalog of Human Population

    Thumb gaming
  • Science
    Interdisciplinary Studies

    Joint research within scientific interest of a research team or our topic - Catalog of Human Population.

    Thumb catalog of human population
  • Entertainment
    Film in the True Criminal Story genre

    True criminal story based on a book titled Shan Hai Jing—A Book Covered With Blood: The Story Of Developers Of The Catalog Of Human Population

    Thumb shan hai jing a book covered with blood
  • Nature/Wildlife
    Mosquito Killer
    Thumb mosquito
  • Wholesale & Retail
    Golden List of Brand Names

    Looking for some one who wants to start, run, and own valuable brand names and in return by my Pimp Daddy Club stuff

    Thumb untitleeed
  • Awesome Sink
    Thumb unique bathroom sinks
  • Finance
    Company Formation Services

    Offshore direct provide legal company formation solutions outside your resident country to optimize your taxes.

    Thumb direct
  • Mineral water supply aency
    Thumb 500 500 csupload 41332593