A Few Key Concepts to Get You Started!

What's an Idea?

Ideas are where you post about your thoughts for a new product/service. You can use it just to share your ideas or as a discussion platform for an existing business. Find co-partners, funding opportunities or have other entreprenuers (or work with them to) build your dream product.

Kitchen & Household
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Vote for your favorite Ideas

Cast a Vote for the Ideas that seem interesting to you. By doing this you help everyone to find the best Ideas. The best Ideas will be shown on the discover page. More votes will lead to more views and feedback for your ideas.

Discuss Ideas with Comments

Share your thoughts on Ideas by writing Comments. This helps other users learn what can be improved or just share your enthusiam for the idea. Offer help or advice when you can, or even offer to join the team if they are looking for more team members.



Collect Ideas on Boards

Boards are where you organize your Ideas by grouping similar ones together. Set up group boards to share ideas or plan new businesses with your friends or co-founders. Use it to quickly show off many Ideas and have your friends see your creative side.

Get Started!

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